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She brings a desire to push her limits and make each shoot break new ground. JOIN FOR MORE Madison Martin as Roommate Madison Martin Madison has a curvey bottom and is willing to take a hard spanking if it will help her get what she needs.

She works in an insurance office and is a photography student. Missy Rhodes as Chloe's sister Missy Young Missy moves from a small town to this apartment complex to try to make it as an actress.

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•Try these samples to make sure they'll work on your device: MP4, WMV & Mobile MP4 •Lots of locations: offices, diners, medical building, even jail!Once she is sucked into the spanking soap opera, she quickly shows that she can take and dish out hard spankings.Clare Fonda as The Neighbor Clare Fonda is the roommate's crazy neighbor lady, a bit of a cougar, who loves to get in on a good spanking whenever the opportunity arises - which is often of course.Here she is rooming with Clare, who is telling everyone Sierra is her "niece." Mistress Gemini as Lina Ferguson Gemini is the roommate's strict landlady.When Madison first suggests that Gemini give them a spanking for not having the rent money, she discovers that Gemini is a heavy hitter - who owns every implement under the sun.

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